inter airport Europe 2019 Excellence Awards: Vote in the interRAMP category

inter airport Europe 2019 Excellence Awards: Vote in the interRAMP category

interRAMP encompasses the latest products & services in the key areas of ground support equipment, ground handling and airfield construction and installations.

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1) 5TOUNLOCK: 5toUnlock

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Considering that 90% of the airports do not have 24/7 maintenance service, an application was created so that the ramp staff can remove a damaged equipment safely next to the airplane, without technical training in less than 5 minutes to avoid delays. It avoids putting people and safety at risk while dragging the equipment without requiring special knowledge. This prevents machinery being damaged when handled incorrectly. The service is available 24/7, applicable to any GSE equipment and anyone can perform the operation. 100% of employee feedback at 22 airports in Spain has been positive. Simple, fast, effective and safe.

2) ADB SAFEGATE: Safedock X Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System

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ADB SAFEGATE’s new Safedock X Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) combines new surveillance technologies, modern display capabilities and advanced integration to ensure safe docking in all weather conditions and bring fully automated airport apron management a step closer to reality.
The Safedock X pairs ADB SAFEGATE’s infrared laser and patented 3D scanning technology with a radar sensor for unrivaled performance in low visibility conditions. Safety is improved by the scanner’s ability to detect objects as small as 10cm by 10cm on the apron that could damage aircraft and by monitoring approach accuracy as aircraft enter the gate to avoid accidents and delays.
This latest member of the widely adopted Safedock family displays more information in more ways than ever before. A high-resolution full color display offers unprecedented clarity for both pilots and ground staff.
The new display can share more information to meet any apron management task, making it a key element in support of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM), helping reduce delays and shorten gate turns. Safedock X can also support separate displays for air crew and ground crew, while a mobile operator panel offers improved situational awareness and flexibility for ground crews.
When integrated with the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) the Safedock X acts as an A-SMGCS sensor to eliminate black spots near terminal buildings, providing greater situational awareness and accurate turn predictability. The system alerts controllers when a parking aircraft obstructs the taxiway, helping to prevent tail collisions. The system also detects pushbacks and alerts controllers to help prevent unauthorized movements.
In addition to increased safety and performance benefits, Safedock X offers a low cost of ownership. With superior reliability and lifecycle costs, Safedock X has onboard preventive maintenance tools to minimize downtime.

3) ALL4JET: WiDe® deadman handle

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Used 8 hours a day everyday, the deadman handle is the aircraft refuelling operator's best friend. Among the variety of solutions available on the market, the wireless handles allows to move freely around the area without the fall risk due to the wire laying around.
The WiDe® deadman handle is ALL4JET's brand new ergonomical wireless handle which, on top of the benefits listed above, reduces the risks of musculoskeletal disorders thanks to its light weight and effortless handling. On top of that, there is no battery! No need to reload it every day and no risk of a power shortage while operating a refuelling.
Because aircraft refuelling can be a rough and dangerous environment, we made it with shockproof material and an ATX sensor to protect the handle itself and your people.
Last but not least, we conceived it to be retrofitable on any refuelling vehicle already in operation!

Main Benefits :
-    Ergonomy: light weight and effortless handling
-    Practicality: no battery, that means no reload, retrofitable on any vehicle already in operation, exists in wire version
-    Robustness: Shockproof material
-    Safety: ATEX sensor and wireless

4) Applied Turbine Technologies (ATT): Zirocco Jet Dryer

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Don´t let wet and cold surfaces slow you down! Applied Turbine Technologies (ATT), develop, manufacture and deliver both competitive surface drying solutions based on micro-jet turbines.
With the Zirocco Jet Dryer, you can dry and clean surfaces much deeper and faster than with most other traditional methods. The improved quality of the adhesion and durability, when performing line marking, sealing and paving is evident, when utilizing the Zirocco Jet Dryer.
The Zirocco has already proved its worth at work in airports and on roads in more than 20 countries.

The Zirocco Advantages
Quality of Work - By using the Zirocco you can increase the quality of work and provide longer lasting and more visible paint. The heat and air pressure dry and clean deeper into the pores of the surface and heat up the surface, which enables better adhesion.

Scheduling - The Zirocco allows you to continue working even in cold and wet weather conditions. When working in tight time frames, production is everything.

Longer Season – The Zirocco is capable of raising the surface temperature by up to 30 degrees Celsius, which enables you to operate  even in cold weather, and on days you normally would not be able to operate.

Telematics – Allows you to collect turbine performance and GPS tracking data. You can generate reports for clients and internal purposes. Additionally, ATT can provide remote support and update the Zirocco firmware.

Resources – Allows you to utilize your resources more efficiently. Most traditional drying methods require 2-3 staff – the Zirocco only requires 1.


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THUNDERLIFT 6000E is one of the first ELECTRIC wide body ONE MAN OPERATION ambulift in the market.
Autonomy: 12h intensive usage
Charge: 4h with fast charger
Batteries Type: 80V with 1000Ah/h High Performance Batteries: fast charging, air agitation system, temperature controlled charging, low temperature applications, virtually maintenance free - no topping up, featured with a monitoring device.

Motor: 30Kw at 80V
Kinetic Energy recovery system under breaking
Fitted with solar panel to further increase autonomy
Fitted(OPT) with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell that recharge batteries as a backup support system
New green approach of Thunderlift enable the user with a great cost saving:

These features further enhance the long list of advantages of Thunderlift that makes it one of THE BEST AMBULIFT IN THE MARKET:
- SAFETY, safer approach with driver in the elevating van
- UNIVERSAL: able to operate all the aircrafts from COMMUTERs to A380
- COMFORT: fitted with suspension system and shock absorbers
- FAST OPERATIONS: up to 3mt without stabilizers
Already tested in different airports and climatic conditions with a great feedback from customers.

6) BETA FUELING SYSTEMS: Central Command Module

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The Central Command Module allows you to simplify the fueling process by breaking down the steps it takes to fuel and providing a checklist before fueling by the use of interlocks on a digital display. It also provides improved operator safety with interlock override logs, E-stop, high DP, GPS and positioning cameras to avoid collisions. All of these features help reduce gate delays by simplifying the fuel process with on screen instructions and on the job training.

7) CUMMINS LTD: F3.8 Performance Series engine, Stage V

iae 2019Cummins F3.8 Performance Series engine has taken a major leap forward for Stage V as one of the power density leaders in its weight and displacement class. It has moved from 97 kW at Stage IV up to 129 kW at Stage V, an increase of 33%. Peak torque has increased by 31% to 620 Nm, while torque at lower speed has increased as much as 36%, substantially improving machine productivity.
The F3.8 is a pointer to the future of diesel power, being lighter with higher performance and less environmental impact.
Cummins F3.8 Stage V launched into production early in 2019, nearly a full year ahead of the Stage V emissions legislation requirement. It offers benefits in four key areas:

1.    Better performance with less
2.    Simpler and easier to install
3.    Reduced ownership cost
4.    Global platform

Cummins latest Single Module™ aftertreatment is 40% smaller and 20% lighter than previous designs. Incorporating SCR technology, the Single Module™ aftertreatment has a much higher NOx conversion capability, enabling the removal of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). Not only does this make the engine lighter, more compact and more efficient, an EGR free engine has fewer components, meaning higher reliability, more machine availability and less to maintain. Higher fuel efficiency, longer service intervals, and reduced running costs all result in improved operating costs for equipment owners.
The higher power and higher peak torque offers OEMs the opportunity to increase machine capability, improve competitiveness and deliver more value to their customers. Improved responsiveness means that work gets done quicker. Customers can also consider engine downsizing opportunities to reduce installation cost with no impact on equipment operation. 
Cummins global platform strategy means that the same base engine can be leveraged for multiple emission stages, giving OEMs equivalent performance in many cases for all  regions.

8) David Clark Company Inc.: The David Clark model H9935

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The David Clark model H9935 is the pinnacle of ground support headset engineering in every meaningful regard. Compatible with the Series 9900 Wireless Intercom Systems for ramp communications, it is one of the most durable and reliable headsets available, yet also designed for both superlative comfort and exceptional noise attenuation. The H9935 provides 26dB of certified hearing protection for high noise environments, yet also affords the user outstanding microphone noise cancellation, as used with its ruggedized flex boom, making it an extremely versatile headset option for a wide range of high noise applications on and around the apron. With unmatched communication clarity and intelligibility, the H9935 perfects the art of wireless communication for push-back, de-icing and maintenance applications.

9) DULEVO INTERNATIONAL: The D.zero², a 100% electric street sweeper

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The D.zero² is a 100% electric street sweeper created by Dulevo.
Thanks to its innovative, ecological technology, performance and compact size, it responds perfectly to the needs of towns and municipalities wanting to invest in the quality of life for their citizens.
The Dulevo D.zero² philosophy is based on four fundamental characteristics that make it unique in the sector:
Zero emissions, Zero manoeuvring problems, Zero limits, Zero risks.

10) EVERGREEN SOLUTIONS CORP: AvaSol Runway Rubber Remove

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Evergreen Solutions is one of the industry-leading, environmentally safe chemical producer in various industries including the aviation industry. Our AvaSol Runway Rubber Remover quickly and easily cleans runways allowing for shorter turnaround times while protecting workers and the environment. Our AvaSol products can clean 400,000 sq. ft. of runway in only six hours and work on both asphalt and concrete, all without requiring special safety equipment or damaging the runway! Our trusted BioSol line of chemicals also contains first-class products for effectively cleaning airline equipment while preserving the environment.




11) GLOBALSYS: The Airlink 2085

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The Airlink 2085 is our new innovation in development for airports that want to be more effective, forget about long wires which are damaged quickly, and allow perfect experience for push-back, de-icing and maintenance operations.
Our solution is constantly improving in the way that we adapt to every situation, every aircraft and every need. If you want to connect 4 employees to the cockpit wirelessly at the same time, in full duplex, this is now possible with Globalsys.


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The "HALL PCAT" is a pre-conditioned air tester designed to be utilized as a maintenance analyzing tool by GSE/HVAC technicians. The  "HALL PCAT" will help determine end of hose discharge status on any PCA unit. The "HALL PCAT" is connected to the aircraft supply hose utilizing the 8" HALL PCA Inlet Adapter. The "HALL PCAT" enables the maintenance technician to quickly determine operating status. The adjustable restrictor nozzle to simulate various aircraft, air requirements with real time meter readings for temperature, air flow, and pressure. There is no need for tools, no need for hose separating, no requirement for removing sections of hose. This testing device for Commuter, Narrow body and Wide Body aircraft.

13) HOLLAND AVIATION B.V.: Double Lighted Windsock Assembly

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Our Double Lighted Windsock Assembly in collaboration with EXEL Composites is one of the first of its kind in the category of lighted windsock assemblies. We have supplied these systems to Changi Airport in Singapore and it has been fully operational for 2 years already.
This is the perfect solution for every airport around the world, because the windsock is lighted from the inside and outside. If one of the lights has a failure, the other light will continue burning to keep the runway fully operational.

14) HYDRO Systems KG: eMover - The new emission-free pushback standard

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Every day there are more than 100.000 flights worldwide. Doubling of airport traffic within the next 15 years is a major challenge for airport logistics. The aircraft dispatch is one of the bottle-necks that is in focus.
The eMover is the new pushback-standard that will revolutionize the market. It will be introduced to the market the first time at inter airport Europe 2019. The eMover operates totally emission-free, and can handle a wide range of narrow- and wide-body aircraft, with a model covering A220 to A350-1000, and a second one covering A220 to A380-900. More than that the eMover is among the world’s safest methods to push or pull an aircraft. Additionally, it significantly reduces the downtimes of aircraft at the airport: No time is wasted in waiting for pushback slots.
The major benefits?

  • Universal application
  • Safe operation
  • Flexible handling and maneuvering
  • Improved airport traffic throughput
  • Optimized hangar space
  • Modular design

The key facts of the new eMover:

  • Less than 20 sec. for hooking
  • Speed up to 25km/h to reach any operation site
  • Less than 1h for complete recharging
  • Locally at the airport 0 emissions

Due to its strictly modular design, the eMover can be configured and retrofitted according to the customer needs.

15) ITW GSE: the battery driven 400 Hz Ground Power Unit.


iae 2019

From Amsterdam to Brisbane and Frankfurt to Los Angeles, environmentally concious airports are already benefitting from one of the world’s first battery driven 400 Hz Ground Power Unit. The feed-back from the customers is very positive and goes beyond the expectations to the ITW GSE eGPU. Many good things can be said about the eGPU, from the low CO2 emissions to the extreme flexibility and the capability to act as back-up units during peak hours.

Another great benefit that operating staff has valued is the silence! The low noise level also makes the 7400 ideal for use in hangar or at remote areas that can be located quite close to residential areas where high noise levels from diesel equipment running all through the night can affect the sleep of the neighbours.

The 7400 is the green alternative to diesel driven GPUs. It reduces the carbon foot print by as much as 90% and provides a healthier environment for airport staff, crew and passengers. Actually, replacing just one diesel GPU by a 7400 eGPU reduces the yearly emission by 190.000 lbs. CO2 which equals the emission of 50 average cars! ITW GSE has created a tool that clearly shows the impact that the exchange of one, two or the complete fleet of an airport’s diesel GPUs may have on their CO2 emissions. By the way, a diesel GPU creates 42% of the total emissions from ground support equipment used during a turnaround. Worth to think about!
The ITW GSE eGPU has undergone a visual and technical upgrade. Among others, cables are now well protected under closed covers when the GPU is not in operation. Moreover, the eGPU will soon be available with a 28 VDC option and in a hybrid version as well.
Thumbs up for the ITW GSE eGPU!


16) KHK CROMM & SEITER GMBH: Industrial Covers by KHK

iae 2019

Industrial covers made of fiber reinforced material make them user-friendly and sustainably trouble-free. The big advantages are that this material is non-corrosive and of light weight.
This ensures the use of fiberglass structures in combination with epoxy resin and a PU core as a carrier material. In the case of standard sizes a lid seal also makes sure that no surface water can penetrate. The production process makes it possible to provide the composite covers anti-static but also with an electrically conductive surface.
Skid-resistance tested according to DIN 51130 and DIN 51097
It can be produced in almost any RAL color or with a company logo and inscription, also placeholders for subsequent labels.
By using non-metallic material, it is possible to transmit data using remote control technology without having to open the cover.
Another production method can map the geometry of already built-in covers made of cast or concrete in such a way that they fit into the frame without having to remove it cost-effectively and time-consuming and reinstall it. As a result, there are almost no limits, especially in the refurbishment sector.







iae 2019

Did you know that it is not the heavy aircraft that cause most accidents at airports, but small vehicles such as tow tractors, baggage carts and working platforms? A large part of all damage reports from German airports come from the ramp – mostly caused by collisions between small vehicles or with parked aircraft.
Safety is our top priority at Linde Material Handling. We don’t just want to minimize accidents, we want to eliminate them. Our vision: zero accidents. One of our solutions: the Linde Safety Guard.
The Linde Safety Guard detects other vehicles or pedestrians before they recognize each other. It can reduce speed automatically in defined areas and can be configured to suit many dangerous scenarios. Active alarms triggered by hazards enable operators and pedestrians to react immediately. The innovative assistance system thus increases safety of all parties working in close proximity to each other.
So how does it work? Our units and sensors are mounted on vehicles and can also be attached to the infrastructure or carried by people themselves. The accident prevention of the Linde Safety Guard is based on warning zones, which are set up on site depending on the individual risks present. Imagine two tow tractors come dangerously close and a collision is imminent. That’s when our assistance system intervenes: it defuses the situation by providing an early warning to both drivers – accurate within ten centimeters.
Be it for travelers, airport personnel or vehicles of all kinds – safety on the ramp is non-negotiable! In fact, by making clever investments in assistance systems, you have the opportunity to minimize risks and save costs. With the Linde Safety Guard, we make sure that you are always in the protection zone – and you don’t even have to worry about it!

18) LOGIPIX LTD.: The Logipix Airside Video Monitoring Solution

iae 2019


The Logipix Airside Video Monitoring Solution provides extreme high resolution to realize full coverage and monitor everyday operations at the airside. The solution is a complex product with 200-320 MP Panorama Cameras, high-end PTZs, advanced NVRs and full software package.
Logipix Panoramas ensure so high ppm values that their images can either supplement or substitute normal observation for ground controllers. Instead of looking through a window with naked eyes or with binoculars, controllers watch panoramic images and use advanced zoom functions to get fine details.
Logipix does not just overlap images when creating panoramic views. Our technology makes it possible to geometrically stitch together images of individual sensors built into the Panorama camera house. The images are taken in a synchronized fashion which precludes the possibility of duplicated or hidden objects at the stitching borders. White balance correction smoothens the color gradient between the images.
Thanks to specially developed computer vision technologies the solution ensures the automatic detection, classification and tracking of all objects at the airside under all lighting conditions. Both cooperative and non-cooperative objects can be classified and tracked. Three type of objects can be differentiated even at far distances, namely humans, vehicles and aircraft. Based on intelligent VCA functions Logipix is also able to automatically detect several incidents occurring at the airside, and alert ground controllers immediately in the monitoring room.
Logipix allows to embed and virtually apply airside rules within the system. Different rules can be set for each monitored zones at the airside. These rules concern to different moving objects. Based on these rules the system can automatically detect and even predict several inappropriate events. Logipix is able to predict collisions based on motion estimation, generate dynamic proximity areas around objects, detect forbidden entries into prohibited zones and also detect overspeed violations at the airside.

19) MANITOU: The 90 V’Air aerial work platform

iae 2019






One of our material handling and personnel lifting solutions is the 90 V’Air aerial work platform (AWP) developed in close collaboration with Airbus. It is compact, highly manoeuvrable and fitted with an unique variable working positions basket. It is perfect for narrow and difficult access spaces such as the engines.
The machine has proportional lifting and lowering movements to improve the approach and precision.
Operators are also assisted by proximity sensors to reduce the risk of accident and collision during movements.
On top of that, the chassis is fitted with various elements allowing the drive of the machine on the taxiway. Fork sleeves are foreseen to make loading and moving the machine easier.


20) MC SOLUTIONS SRL: Monitoring Module MCLO

iae 2019

Monitoring Module MCLO (Monitor Control Lamp Optical) is a modular field device of our MIA System devoted to the smart management of runway lights that is connected to the lighting system through Fiber Optic rendundant communication technology and IP68. It is a Patent Product by MC Solutions worldwide.


iae 2019

When Minit Charger introduced fast charging technology to the motive power industry over 15 years ago, almost everyone said it would not work. Fast forward to today and virtually every charger company has followed suit and over 70% off road electric vehicles use fast/opportunity charging.  
Today, some of the world's largest airports rely on our charging solutions. As an innovative partner, Minit Charger always goes the extra mile to help customers leverage their investment to make them efficient, lean and safe.
Being a company founded in innovation, we are proud to continue our innovative efforts by announcing one of the most compact yet high efficiency charger available in the eGSE industry today, ALTUS II; one of the first new technology in fast charging in more than 20 years. Leveraging WBG technology and featuring cloud connectivity to our business intelligence platform, AssetPro 360, ALTUS II is equipped with a multitude of functions to make airlines and airports greener and more efficient. At the same time, we will introduce a resistive color LCD display that will also support different languages, RFID authentication and support GB/T communication protocol. The charger will be significantly smaller than most chargers currently on the market. It can be pedestal or wall mounted which means very little precious ramp space is required.  
ALTUS II combined with our cloud application, AssetPro 360, provides up to the minute information on the charging process, GSE and their physical locations. Any exception and issue can be sent to desired personnel via SMS or email so prompt that action can be taken. Automated reports can provide details down to each charge event and person initiating the charge event, that can be used to charge back to the end user.  This will put all the information that airports need to manage common use chargers at their fingertips.

22) MOTOTOK: Mototok, the money saving pushback system

iae 2019

Meet Mototok - one of the world's most innovative, safest and money saving pushback systems!
Mototok excels with these and other unbeatable advantages: Mototok is electrically driven and remotely controlled. It is easy to operate – loading and unloading is a matter of seconds and is done fully automatically. Mototok requires very little parking space.
The pushback can be done by all members of the entire ground staff. This means that no specialized personnel is needed. The operational training for the ground staff needs approximately four hours. Furthermore, Mototok Pushback Tugs can be parked and recharged directly at the gate due to its small footprint. These advantages ensure fast ground handling without waiting for a conventional tug. Mototok Pushback Tugs are on hand when needed and many operators are available. No more delays!
The loading capacity is currently up to 250 tons. However, the development continues: In the near future, up to 400t can be moved by an electrically operated Mototok Pushback Tug.
Mototok Pushback Tugs are equipped with an active oversteering protection system. If a preset torque at the nose wheel is exceeded, an automatic counter-steering is initiated. An alarm sounds during an over steer occurrence. The announcement of an oversteer occurrence can be send to the wireless headset system of the operator. All oversteer occurrences are stored as log files as well as other telematics data and can be read out by authorized personnel.
More and more ground handling companies and airports are taking advantage of the innovative and money-saving benefits of Mototok pushback systems. More than 850 Mototok machines are used at over 500 places worldwide.

23) S4GA: S4GA Solar HIRL Runway Light

iae 2019

One of the first certified Solar HIRLs (high-intensity runway light) is offered by S4GA, with 10.000 cd light output.
S4GA is focused on delivery of one of the world’s safest runway lighting systems. This is why every new product development, every new feature is subordinated to one goal - increasing safety level of S4GA Solar AGL. For airports, 10.000 candela optics guarantee unprecedented visibility range in comparison to many other available solar systems.
S4GA Solar HIRL Runway Light provides a better visual range than other solar airfield lights available on the market, making S4GA system one of the world’s safest runway lightings. High-Intensity Runway Lighting significantly increases safety of night operations. This is critical when runway is not equipped with an Instrumental Landing System. Reliable airfield lighting becomes a key visual aid for a pilot.
S4GA solar HIRL is the next generation of CAT I runway lighting market. The light is certified in compliance with ICAO Annex 14.

24) SAGE PARTS: A new and innovative PCA coupling

iae 2019

Sage Parts worked with Ramptech to create a new and innovative PCA coupling. This new coupling is designed for easy use and operator comfort. The coupling’s unique shape will solve the problem of ducting wear at the cuff. Also, coupling includes an easily replaceable gasket and protective rub rails to ensure a long life.





25) SICK VERTRIEBS-GMBH: APS (Aircraft Protection System)

iae 2019













APS (Aircraft Protection System) ─ Collision free pushback on the apron
Genuine investment in man and machine

Due to increasing efficiency pressure and the ever more dynamic environment, work and process safety are becoming more and more important at the airport. Whether aircrafts need to be pushed or towed, there is a major risk of collision.
SICK developed the APS driver assistance system for cost effective retrofitting on aircraft tractors. It provides a reliable warning that prevents collisions with other airport ground vehicles and the airport infrastructure to assist the driver with pushback processes on the apron, maintenance work even in tight spaces, and maneuver towing when moving aircraft into the hangar.
The system comprises a LiDAR sensor and a touch display with an integrated processing unit including application software. Even obstacles which are hidden from the operators field of view are displayed on the screen. Obstacles that pose a risk of collision are highlighted. The operator is warned in advance to ensure appropriate safety distances are maintained. The distance can be checked accurately on the display because the aircraft outline does represent the true aircraft type dimensions, thanks to an integrated database with all common types. In the event that a moving or stationary obstacle is detected in close proximity to the aircraft, the operator receives an audible and visual warning. As a result the aircraft tractor can be stopped in a timely manner in order to avoid a collision. It also provides automated fault detection and targeted maintenance thanks to self-diagnostics function. The integrated installation wizard makes it easy to commission and configure the system.
Using the APS takes strain off the drivers and reduces the risk of collisions and accidents, thereby avoiding high repair, maintenance and aircraft downtime costs.



TITAN AVIATION is launching the most advanced refuelling solution integrating Digitalization and Green Technologies/Electrification. These 2 technologies with such performances were never seen before in the aircraft refuelling industry! We are following the steps of EZ Fuelling for hydrant dispensers, going to a cutting-edge new aircraft refueller by associating EZ Control to the new EZ Flow technology. Indeed, an aircraft refueller requires much more energy than a hydrant dispenser and that was the challenge !

- EZ Control is the most advanced digital control panel in the refuelling industry

- EZ Flow is a battery based and modular electrification solution, reaching high energetic density, customizable capacity and ultra-long-life performances

This approach is drastically tackling the airport decarbonization matter by reducing at its maximum the use of internal combustion engine of the chassis. This solution is becoming a key asset in the acceleration of airports energy transition.

The whole system allows an autonomy up to 10 000L and performances from 12 to 50m3/h.

It works thanks to interchangeable, modular and fast charge batteries that have more than a 15 years lifespan as well as an electrified fuelling pump.

EZ FLOW allows:

  • 100% of savings during refuelling operations
  • 80% of chassis maintenance costs savings

And avoids many disturbances:

  • 0 Noise
  • 0 Vibrations
  • 0 Hot Points
  • 0 Carbon emissions.

27) TIPS D.O.O.: WheelChairLifter solution on TIPS telescopic stairs


Every day, airports and airport ground staff face issues related to passengers who are disabled and physically handicapped. If boarding is taking place via a boarding bridge, these passengers can board in the same way as other passengers; in all other cases, however, a special boarding process for handicapped persons must be performed, which is often a time-consuming and costly procedure.
In addition to bridges, the most widespread manner in which passengers board planes is through passenger stairs and the most commonly used devices to help disabled persons board an aeroplane are special elevators, so-called ambulance lifts, which are expensive and are therefore not profitable for smaller airports. 
TIPS found a solution for enabling physically handicapped passengers to board the plane in combining telescopic passenger stair with a wheelchair lifter.

-    Solves the problem of moving the wheelchair lifter along the staircase, regardless of the degree of telescopic staircase extension and the tilt, namely through a moveable guide rail installed into the lower staircase which can be moved to the top of the upper staircase.

-    All-in-one vehicle: additional ambulance-lift not needed.

Accessible, practical and time-saving:
-    Modular design of the lifter, stored on the passenger stair itself; quickly assembled and ready for operation.
-    One-Man Operation of the passenger stair and wheelchair lifter.
-    When not in use, it does not hinder the passage of passengers.

Superb sensors & controls:
-    Smooth and stepless travelling of the lifter, as well as slowing down when approaching disembarkation position.
-    Detection of obstacles on the stairway.









28) WCBKT S.A.: GPU-7/90 TAURUS with Remote Diagnostic On-line System


What makes GPU-7/90 TAURUS very special and an outstanding ground power supply unit in the aviation industry, is the Remote Diagnostic On-line System. The System transmits data of the GPU devices in real time using a GSM signal. The location of the GPU devices and the operator of the Remote Diagnostic On-line System does not matter. Data is available via computer, tablet or mobile phone. Transmission data of GPU devices:
• engine parameters
• power quality
• log service (service that records events in the system, security and application logs)
• locations of the GPU devices presented on the map
• alerts: fuel level, emergency events, upcoming technical reviews.

The Remote Diagnostic On-line System monitors operations of the airport equipment. It contributes to effective maintenance improving its operational safety, availability and reduction of servicing costs. GPU-7/90 TAURS devices operate at every civil airport in Poland.
The ground power unit GPU-7/90 TAURUS is designed for a.c. and d.c. powering of an aircraft. It is driven by a multi-fuel engine, fit for towing and adapted for air transport. GPU-7/90 TAURUS is equipped with the following systems:
• auto diagnostics
• remote online diagnostics
• keyless start
• winter quick start
• protection against towing with unwound outgoing cables
• turbocharger protection against overheating
• tire protection against punctures.

Moreover the GPU Taurus will be soon available in the new stationary version to be mounted under boarding bridges.

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