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9. - 12. November 2021
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inter airport Europe Innovation Awards

inter airport Europe 2021 Innovation Awards honour four outstanding products & services from exhibitors


With the airport industry becoming more digital and advanced, it relies on solution-focused products and technologies that help to develop the airport industry further. This year, exhibiting companies have been rewarded for their best ideas in four categories.  

The categories TERMINAL, DATA and GSE were honoured best practices and products that have proven to impress the airport community. To reward visionary companies for their innovative and forward-thinking ideas in sustainability there was a fourth category this year: SUSTAINABILITY. 

The Categories


Covers the latest products & services in the vast array of terminal operations, infrastructure and technical installations as well as interior specifications and furnishings, architectural components and other design elements.

DATA Award

Showcases the latest products & services of specialist hardware and software for a modern, interactive airport.

GSE Award

Encompasses the latest products & services in the key areas of ground support equipment, ground handling and airfield construction and installations.


This special award rewards visionary, innovative and striking new ideas, products and services that are providing sustainable solutions for the future airport.

The Winners


Dynell GmbH, AT

Stand: 1338

DATA Award


Stand: 1154

GSE Award


The Entries

The winners have been presented with the Innovation Award during the opening ceremony at inter airport Europe in Munich, Germany.

Dynell GmbH

Dynell introduced a new benchmark for green ground power units with an innovative 400Hz solid-state concept. The 90kVA unit is realized in 8 identical inverter modules (9kg only) working redundant and efficiency values of up to 96% besides other advantages such as modularity, reliability, and best voltage quality values with lowest mains distortion what was never seen on an electrical GPU.

Sieza s.r.o.

Sieza constantly responds to the current needs of its customers and innovates its products in the field of fence detection systems. They have created a unique product that is ready for applications in explosive environments. Peridect+ Ex is currently the only system on the market that can be installed in hazardous environments and has an extremely low number of nuisance alarms.

Smiths Detection

The UVC light tray disinfection kits have been designed to automatically kill bacteria and viruses on trays as they’re being transported from reclaim back to the divest station, protecting passengers and staff from tactile transmission of contagious disease, without affecting the overall speed of the TRS or the operational efficiency.


Limited BHS staff? Passengers are traveling again but with reduced staff in the aftermath of COVID, airports are concerned about how to cope if they encounter problems. Data analytics provide cloud-based interfaces for data dashboards - visible for both the airport and for BEUMER Group's Hotline service where data is analysed for securing the system performance to relieve the complexity of the situation in the control room.


Flyinstinct provides a digital inspection platform to reinforce runway FOD detection. Detecting objects as small as 2cm thanks to the most advanced computer vision and AI technologies, the FODLocator is a mobile plug-and-play system that increases flight operations safety and benefits all airport stakeholders for predictive maintenance and data valorisation.


MIA System: the ALCMS of the future based on a PC logic and available on portable devices for maintenance operations and remote towers. Upgrade and Update by remote, notably during rehab interventions. Tailored from the layout up to the alarm management and the integration of other systems. Redundant responsiveness beyond EASA regulations: alarm notice in 0.7 secs. Training simulating the real airfield.

Moventor Oy

Moventor have designed and developed the GRR software for reporting runway surface conditions according to ICAO GRF new regulations. They have made a user-friendly software and involved end-users to design the user interface. At the same time, it is very technical and includes automation which helps the customers with the transition to GRF.

Smiths Detection

The iCMORE family of smart and adaptable algorithms for the automatic detection of an ever-expanding list of dangerous, prohibited and contraband goods and substances (handguns, lithium-batteries, etc) provides accurate, reliable and powerful detection capability, helping to reduce the burden on image analysts and improve detection performance and therefore increase security.


Dedienne Aerospace have designed and qualified a suite of modular fixtures & dolly, which can be fitted onto Unit Load Device Container AAP (LD9), without any modification of the ULD, thus protecting the type certificate of the ULD. 

The dolly allows quick and easy loading/ unloading of your equipment (max gross weight 3,307lbs) onto/ from the ULD, while improving H&S for ramp/ on-wing operator. 

The design-thinking of the GSE with a major engine MRO has enabled to develop standard, safe and robust fitting interface to fasten your heavy equipment.


Intelligent Power Management is a complete gate system that allows airports to utilize their gate power infrastructure smarter. Often, there is a large excess capacity waiting to be exploited! IPM allows customers to upgrade existing gates with more power or air capacity without major investments, or design cheaper and less complicated new installations.

Moventor Oy

Moventor manufactured a new version of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME). This project was focused on technical solutions for installing the CFME to the pickup vehicles (all-in-one package). The outcome responded perfectly to the airports’ needs. The possibility of using electric vehicles will bring advantages for airports in the future.

Musco Lighting

Musco's TLC for LED® technology offers enhanced light quality, improved effectiveness, reduced spill light and glare, lower energy consumption, and minimized environmental impacts. Our innovative LED systems have ushered in a new era for apron lighting and offer a solution complete from foundation to pole top.


OROK provide a unique and patented solution for baggage and cargo handing automation airside. Composed of a fleet of autonomous vehicle, automatic unit-load transfer stations and a supervision server, we bring more profitability (-50% OPEX), reduce accidents and injuries, improve logistics flows, and improve environmental impact (-50% on LCA).


Purivox GmbH

Integration of Purivox bird control gas cannons with bird radar from Robin radar. Bird Control personnel can activate the dispersal systems through the top-view map interface while monitoring the flee behavior of the birds. Activation events and resulting bird behavior can be analyzed for long-term effectiveness.


VISTA – complete system for non-instrument, non-precision approach runways.  

The system includes all required LED lights for marking and guidance, powered and controlled in 1.4ADC constant current. The controller can switch the circuits ON/OFF, change brightness & check failures. Remote control is available using external console, PC, smartphone or pilot-activated light.

Snocom BV

SNOCOM exploits the compressibility of snow to reduce the volume. This equates into tremendous savings for both the environment and operational costs. Snowcuber leads the way in technology and the future of snow removal; with reduced emissions, equipment movements, fuel consumption and costs for a cleaner, more efficient future.


The road legal Mock UP is ideal for airports and ground handlers of GSE types including passenger stairs, belt loaders, ASUs, ambulifts, catering vehicles, GPUs, water trucks, lavatory service units and container loaders. Support heights between 140cm up to 500cm with different doors.

ewo srl

Cost-effective and optimised for airports and ports, this floodlight is now equipped with brand-new lenses that were specifically designed to make it the perfect companion for its area of expertise: the E–Series. The most remarkable details include the system’s lifetime value of L80B10 > 100,000 h.


Sustainability even on Airfield! Patented MCLO optical monitoring & control module for AGL and CCRs. Energy consumption is 25 times less than power carrier com ones. Sturdy and tested up to 90°C:  less spare parts, less transformers, top efficiency in managing alarms and lead on = less time for Aircrafts in holding position = less noise pollution = less air pollution.

Midstream Lighting Ltd

To deliver immediate compliance with ICAO Annex 14 for the apron floodlighting, airports typically use generators and high-power lights to deliver the lux levels. The Midstream solution, using high efficiency LED projectors with proprietary asymmetric optics is able to reduce the typical energy consumption by 70%. Now available in Hybrid.

MULAG Fahrzeugwerk

MULAG's Orbiter 7.5 FC conveyor belt vehicle is powered by a fuel cell with 10kW power. The conveyor belt length is 7500mm, the maximum front belt height is 4125mm, rear belt height max. 1000mm. The vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 25km/h and has precise manoeuvrability due to a hydraulic steering system. It has very low operating costs and an environmentally sustainable consumption profile.